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Recorder Stars


Congrats on finishing Recorder Olympics!

You will now be working on your Recorder Star Songs!

To earn a Recorder Star, students must perform each song with their

LEFT HAND ON TOP and demonstrate 4 of the following 5 skills:


  • Proper note length (rhythm accuracy)

  • Correct pitches and finger placement

  • Accurate articulation

  • Breath support and tone

  • Specific musical elements notated: dynamics, tempo, repeat signs, change in articulation

This site is intended for educational purposes for students at The Davis Academy to be used in conjunction with the recorder book paid for and provided by The Davis Academy Music Department. All music is Copyright 2006 Macie Publishing Company. 

Star 1 – Page 22, Line #2 “Pretty Rainbows”

Pretty Rainbows - Julie Sueta
Don't forget to...
- Play all the way to the end of the first ending, repeat to the beginning and play only the second ending
- Count a steady beat in your head
- Take a deep breath and hold out the long notes the proper length
- Keep the recorder in your mouth until you're done playing the note
Star 2 – Page 22, Line #3 “Miss Macie”
Miss Macie - Ed Sueta
Star 3 – Page 23, Line #4 “Square Dance”
Square Dance - Ed Sueta
Star 5 – Page 25, Line #1 “Recorder Tootin’ Old MacDonald”
Recorder Tootin' Old MacDonald - Lyrics by Ed Sueta
Star 5 – Page 25, Line #3 “Garden Waltz”
Garden Waltz - Ed Sueta
Star 6 – Page 26, Line #5 "Excerpt from Symphony No. 9"
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Excerpt from Symphony No. 9 - Ludwig van Beethoven
Star 7 – Page 27, Line #4 “Minor Blues”