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Music at the Lower School

The Choral Program at The Davis Academy is an after - school program that meets once a week to enrich young singers. A varied repertoire of music is selected, based on vocal range, musical value, and director discretion. For more information on the Choral Program at The Davis Academy, click on the image above. 

General Music at The Davis Academy includes a variety of music programs and options. These programs include, but are not limited to classroom music, recorder, keyboarding, and ukulele. All music programs are aligned with the National Standards for Music Education developed by the National Association for Music Education. Click on the image above for more information on the General Music Programs at The Davis Academy.

Jewish music is an essential part of our education at The Davis Academy. Students learn not only to sing Jewish literature, but also the meaning behind the lyrics, the importance of the music traditions, and the spirit of keeping the music alive! For more information on Jewish Music at The Davis Academy, click on the image above. 

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