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Picking Partners!

Today in 3rd grade, I got frantic because my students asked if they could have a partner to complete our rhythmic composition assignment. Of course, I had been planning to let them work in groups - but I had intended to have those chosen in advance (to prevent hurt feelings or too much chatting). When the students asked me, it reminded me that I needed to write down everyone's name and choose from a hat... but I didn't have that kind of time!

I searched quickly online for a "name chooser" app and sure enough, one of the first items to pop up was this awesome site. It was SO easy and quick to type in everyone's first name and then submit. It shows a big "wheel of fortune" look alike, behind a red curtain, with each student's name on it. When you press the wheel, it actually spins, chooses a name - AND there's a big applause! I have NEVER seen students so excited to get assigned a partner. This was an awesome little find that I hope helps other teachers (and maybe parents) as well!

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