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Peace and Quiet is my Delight

For the past 3 years, I've lived with my in-laws. My husband and I moved in with them when we got engaged, with the intention of buying a house together and moving out after the wedding. Things didn't quite go as planned and we stayed another year. Then another. And then we had a baby...and we realized we needed a bit more space. So we moved out. And we moved in with my parents, who happened to have more available (and empty) bedrooms.

It has been 3.5 years since I've seen my bookshelves, my couch, my bath towels, and most importantly my kitchen gadgets and appliances - some of which have never been used, as we received them for our wedding. All of our belongings have been in storage since we moved in with my in-laws in the summer of 2014. I miss my stuff, but I REALLY miss the quiet privacy that is found in the comfort of my home.

Since the summer of 2014, we've lived with our parents - and there is ALWAYS someone home. Even on days when our parents go out to dinner, it seems that they perfectly align their outings with ours. In other words, we are never home alone. On the rare occasion that we find ourselves without any parents at home, the dogs are still there... barking at the drop of a needle and definitely letting us know when there is another dog (or human) on a walk outside. If there is one constant that I live with, it is noise.

My ears yearn for peace and quiet. Just a little bit. And every now and then, I put a "Do Not Disturb" sign up on my classroom door and hope that no one knocks. I close and lock the door, turn off the florescent lights and turn on my lamp, open my Adele playlist and just relax surrounded by my own belongings at my desk. It's not often that I have time to do this, as it mostly happens after school hours - and I have to pick up my child from daycare. But it sure has been nice to have some of that time between conferences the past 2 days.

If anyone has more ideas for relaxation, calming methods, ideas to get peace and quiet when you have a baby, husband, 3 dogs and you live with your parents, I am so open to any and all of those ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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