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Last week, I was teaching a new pitch to 1st grade and then a song/game to practicing singing the pitch. I watched as they were having a blast playing (and taking it so seriously). I joined them for a few rounds and had so much fun. I realized that I rarely do this. Too often I teach a lesson, get the class started on an activity, and then I run to my computer to "do work." I'm either checking my email, pulling up a Powerpoint for the next class, printing a worksheet or a concert flier. My head is no longer in the music game. I find myself not in the moment with my students. I'm watching them have an amazing musical experience from the comfort of my desk chair, because I can't tear myself away from my computer long enough to get lost in that musical moment with them.

I seriously get caught up in details. I'm guilty of this in my personal and professional life. I recently realized this upon taking my 10 month old baby to the doctor. My baby - that will be a year old SO very soon. Where has the time gone? When I reflect on the first few months of her life, I remember doing laundry all the time. And trying to keep up with house chores, while finding something to keep her safe and occupied. Why didn't I sit myself down with her on the floor and play?

I want to be a better teacher - and a better mom. Children see me - they learn by example. I'm making it my goal this year to get lost in the moment and be more present - in both my personal and professional life. I want my students to get lost in the moment, increasing their focus on the musical activity, likely getting something more than music out of the lesson. Personally, I need to put the phone down at home. Take a break from social media and talk to my husband face to face (instead of sending text messages from one room to the next).

I wish I could comment on a bad commercial, but I'm usually not paying attention to that either... maybe next month!

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