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Musical Month of May!

It's true, I've been slacking on my blog updates this month. It's been a very crazy, yet musical month! All 3rd grade recorder students performed a concert for their parents. A week later, 4th grade students held keyboard recitals. 5th grade students also had a beautiful ukulele concert! Additionally, we had some large scale performances - The Davis Academy Magical Melodies had their Spring concert on Friday, May 13th (Shout-out to Stevie Wonder, who celebrated his 66th birthday on the same day as our concert)! See the video below of our Magical Melodies in concert. They also performed our National Anthem at the Atlanta Braves game this weekend! Check out that video as well!

Today, we wrapped up 1st grade music with a Musical Showcase presented by The Davis Academy 1st Grade. What an outstanding performance by the talented 1st graders! See the video to the right ->

And there's more to come this Friday! Can't wait to share it all with you!

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